Talking about hyperbolic mixer

Release Time:

Oct 16,2023

Mixing is a key step in sewage treatment processes, but the previous mixer was no longer able to meet the current mixing requirements in terms of working efficiency during the mixing process. But the Pulis hyperbolic mixer can solve this problem very well.
When using a paddle mixer to stir water or other mixtures, it can only form a unidirectional laminar flow and is difficult to mix evenly. But the hyperbolic impeller of a double curved mixer is similar to the impeller of a washing machine, which can better stir the mixture and has the advantages of large circulating water flow and low energy consumption.
Pulis hyperbolic mixers can be divided into two types according to their installation methods: GSJ type (dry type) and QSJ type (submersible type). The GSJ hyperbolic mixer is composed of a reduction motor, shock absorber seat, mixing shaft, hyperbolic impeller, electric control box, bridge (user can provide it), etc. The QSJ type hyperbolic mixer is composed of a frame, lifting steel rope, main engine, hyperbolic impeller, and electric control box.